Mike Hanna – CEO/Founder

Mike is relentless in his pursuit of innovation and value creation. With world class experience in product creation, technology development, business cultivation and go to market; Mike leverages his background and relentless passion to develop purposeful innovation for the his favorite industry – Automotive.  As an anchor point, Mike’s experience in retail automotive and technology development creates the guide points for the TrueSpot suite of solutions. Mike has many sales and business achievement awards, including salesman of the month for the nation’s largest Honda Dealer. Mike loves his family, all sports played with a ball, and shiny cars.

Sam Paulos – CFO

Sam has owned two franchise auto dealerships and he brings his understanding of the pain points typical of an operational and management/ownership position to the TrueSpot leadership team.  Sam still operates many companies, but his passion is consulting, and, in particular, startup investing. His specialty is accounting processes and business management. Companies he has personally owned and operated include professional accounting services, auto dealerships, CD and DVD manufacturing, music instrument manufacturing, music distribution, sound recording, bars and nightclubs, technology and software companies, real estate ventures, and others. 

Jason Dyer – CMO

Jason is a full-spectrum marketer who has led strategy and activation for organizations large and small. He started in advertising but quickly fell in love with technology marketing. Jason has held leadership positions with Nortel Networks, Nokia, Quickoffice (acquired by Google) and the A. H. Belo Corporation. Has has also spent nearly six years in the non-profit arena with the American Heart Association as both a volunteer and employee. His passions are his family, gluten-free beer, tennis, martial arts and midwestern colloquialisms.  

Miguel Santamaria – CPO/CTO and Co-Founder

Miguel is a determined leader and is a driving force behind our company’s product and technology strategies. Among his many duties, Miguel directs TrueSpot’s long-term roadmap and vision for cloud and IoT-based products. In this role, Miguel brings significant product management experience, business acumen, technology know-how, and a disciplined focus on serving the auto dealership industry through the horizontal use-case concept. This approach enables dealers to significantly increase vehicle sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational expenses.

Chris Bass – CLO/Secretary

Chris brings a wealth of legal expertise to the team. Areas of expertise include; managing and directing company litigation; draft, edit, and review corporate contracts; select, oversee, and directing outside counsel; supervise the defensive litigation lawyer and paralegal team and manage employment-related legal matters.

Adam Phillips – Head of Business Development and Strategy

Adam Phillips cut his teeth in the start-up world of IoT, mapping, location data services, and mobile advertising. He has contributed to the rapid growth of technology-focused organizations in leadership roles spanning sales, business development, and product management.

Brett Stewart – Head of Solution

Brett Stewart is bringing to the team director level experience in Product Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, and R&D. He excels at creating Proof of Concepts and demonstrations of new and existing products that highlight the value argumentation and proof points to customers. He attended Northwestern University and the University of Texas at Dallas, neither of which gave him any passion for college sports.

Matias Pecile – Head of Development

Matias is passionate about bringing the absolute best to the table. Whether a task be simple, complex, small, or large, the bar is never lowered. During his career, he has worn many hats throughout several industries, including IT, Marketing, Food/Beverage, Event Production, and Music Entertainment. He will be leveraging 10+ years of experience in IT and full-stack development on enterprise and cloud-based systems such as AWS, Azure, ADUC, and Exchange.

Will Pearson – Head of Platform

Will is passionate about building software that creates and delivers true business value. Will has spent the last 15 years working as a consultant in the software industry.  He brings broad experience in solving problems across many different business domains.  He believes innovation begins when you can bridge the boundaries of what exist to create something new with new and greater potential.   When Will is not coding he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, playing games, watching movies and enjoying each other’s company.

Alicia Crosswhite – Sales Director

Alicia Crosswhite is an ambitious consultant with a diligent and successful sales and consulting history. She has a wide variety of experience with the automotive industry, as well as with the animal and human health industries. She has demonstrable experience building and growing new business territories. In her free time she enjoys gardening, cooking and listening to live music. She also enjoys cheering on her Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.

Amy Imthurn – Sales Director, Central Region

Amy has spent 15 years in the media/marketing/consulting arena, with an automotive focus the last last 6 years.
 She has a simple and straightforward way of attacking goals and opportunities  Amy possesses a strategic mind that powers her track record of success.  Her passions are family, sports, and being by the water!

Brian Lieb – Sales Director, West Region

Self-directed and driven automotive sales leader with accomplishments in areas of revenue growth generation, market penetration and high-performing sales teams to ensure success and achieve goals.

Mike Carnahan – Sales

Mike brings broad experience from the telecom and renewable energy industries, with special expertise in sales team management, new product launches, channel development, change management, and program strategy implementation. Mike’s skills were earned at senior level posts for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Mike leads business development and pre-sales for TrueSpot

Zac Webster – Systems Engineer

Zac uses a multitude of technical skills to assist in building and maintaining Truespot’s systems and to provide support to the team. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he received a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is a self-taught Android developer. Outside of work, Zac teaches physics and calculus to high school and college students.

Steeven Sylveus – Developer

Steeven is an experience software engineer with a focus on mobile applications. He is skilled in iOS development, android development, backend, as well as UI Design. He is passionate about learning new technologies and sharing his knowledge with those around him.

Leandro Salas – Developer

Mobile developer enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience. Highly skilled in Android Development (Java and Kotlin), backend (Go lang , Java, C#, PHP), wide experience in Bluetooth Low Energy technologies. He is always eager to learn the latest technologies, result oriented and passionate about his work.

Bryan Bock – Director of Marketing

Bryan is a skilled designer with experience in all aspects of
visual design, from web-based to content management. A
detail-oriented and dynamic thinker in developing and delivering comprehensive campaigns.

Víctor Cañero – Strategic Advisor

Víctor is a serial tech innovator and entrepreneur. As an expert in strategic planning in the new digital economy, he has a long track record of transforming organizations while driving new digital businesses revenues. Víctor has a long storied management and consultancy career and held senior leadership positions at global firms such as Telefónica, KPN, Accenture and Lucent Technologies.

Micaiah Ruddell – Installation Technician

Micaiah assists with back-end system optimization, installation prep, and on-site installation with Experience with multiple coding languages, including java, python and javascript. Micaiah is currently an undergraduate at the The University of Texas at Dallas.



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